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Since Chris Birch retired from journalism, he has written three books. When he had finished the first one, an account of his family going back to 1635, called  Ten Generations , he send the text to a literary agent, who advised him that no commercial publisher would consider publishing it, so Chris set up the St Christopher Press and published it himself. 

In doing so, he was following in the footsteps of William Blake, Hugh Walpole, Walt Whitman, Virginia Woolf, Lord Byron, Robert Burns, John Galsworthy, Alexander Pope, D H Lawrence and Beatrix Potter, all of whom had themselves published their own writings.

The literary agent to whom Chris had sent Ten Generations advised him that, if he concentrated on the more interesting characters on his family tree and put them in their social and historical context, a commercial publisher might be interested. So he wrote The Milk Jug Was A Goat and started hawking it around.

After eight rejection letters, one publisher, Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie Publishers, showed interest and eventually agreed to publish it.

Having written two books about his ancestors and other family members, Chris decided to write the story of his own life. There seemed little point in trying to interest a commercial publisher in it, so My Life was also published by the St Christopher Press. (Contact details at foot of page).

In summer 2011, Chris's wife Betty had her own memoir published by the St Christopher Press - We Save Bits of String - detailing the first 18 ½ years of her life.

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Ten Generations
The Milk Jug Was A Goat
My Life
We Save Bits of String

Ten Generations: Looking backwards in time: Some glimpses of my family

The Milk Jug Was A Goat: Two families, two Caribbean islands, 1635-1987

My Life: The Caribbean, Communism, Budapest 1956, journalism, HIV/Aids, London Lighthouse, Diana's funeral, Westminster  Abbey, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and much more

We Save Bits of String: An account of the first 18 ½ years of my life

by Betty Birch

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